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Somali and Somaliland London Community


Somali and Somaliland London Community (SSLC) was founded in 2005 to support people from Somalia and Somaliland who are living in Lewisham. Over the last 8 years we have built up a series of programmes which address the different problems that affect our community. Our main programmes are: supplementary education; health training; employment skills education and training; and community safety. It was our aim from the start to integrate the Somali community with the wider community in the UK. The Somali community has existed in Lewisham for over 20 years, but still remains in many ways apart from the mainstream.  Many people in our community both older and younger do not have a basic understanding of the processes required for gaining employment, accessing health care, setting up businesses and accessing education. This lack of knowledge and support has generated widespread deprivation, leading to extensive employment and health inequality. As we began to deliver our programmes, we found that it wasn’t just Somali people who faced these problems, but many other people in Deptford. This led us to expand the scope of our services, and to make them available to everybody in Deptford. Our programmes are all delivered in English, apart from a specific Somali language After Schools project. We do not exclude anyone from accessing our services, and we find that apart from our After Schools club, 40% of our service users are from a non-Somali background.

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March 9, 2016 Posted by TheSSLC in Blog

Website information about fundraising event

On the 27th of February 2016 SSLC sponsored and hosted a fundraising event at the Millennium Hotel in South Kensington, London. SSLC worked in partnership with the Gedo Relief Foundation to raise funds for a hospital in Garbahareey, Somalia.

The event was attended by approximately 200 people and proved to be very successful.

The Gedo Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the U.S.A. with tax exempt status that provides assistance, support, and healthcare to women, children and the less fortunate in the Gedo region of Somalia. They have successfully engaged the Somali diaspora seeking support to help to accomplish their long running aim to rehabilitate Garbahareey hospital and realise a dream held by many children, women, elderly and all other citizens of Gedo society.

The organisation’s remit is to provide and support health care in Gedo region. They focus on proactive projects that identify and reduce the health inequalities compared to rest of Somalia. These have built up over many years. The whole 8 districts of Gedo regions have had no access to health assistance and care over a twenty four year period.

SSLC and the Gedo Relief Foundation are committed to bringing positive change to Somalia through practical reconstruction, community building, and empowerment and are working together to accomplish these aims.

Garbahareey Hospital rehabilitation project -

The Somali Civil War has devastated health access for many Somali people, leaving several thousand people without any means of receiving proper health care. The Gedo Hospital project was created in response to the unprecedented tuberculosis and malaria outbreaks that swept through the region. Our aim is to create a medical center that will not only address the urgent health needs of the community, but will also serve as a primary care center to help prevent further spread of disease. It is imperative to consider both the short-term and long-term needs of the Gedo community. We hope that the Gedo Hospital will become first of many public institutions rebuilt in Somalia to mark a new era of peace.

SSLC - Saturday School

Saturday School opening on Saturday 5th of October 2013

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July 2, 2013 Posted by TheSSLC in Blog

FMG event on Friday 5th of July 2013 at 4:30 - 19:30

Sacred Bodies event on Friday 5th of July 2013,

from 4:30 - 19:30 at Evelyn Community Centre 1 Kingfisher Square

Deptford, London


Africa Advocacy Foundation is delivering a workshop in partnership with Somali and Somaliland London Community about Female Genital Mutilation. The workshop is aimed to raise awareness about Female Genital Mutilation which is recognised globally as a violation of human rightsof girls and women. It is also considered as a form of child abuse.The workshop is to educate and empower practising communities and professionals that work with them about the health implications of FGM and the UK Law. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for effected females to gain knowledge on services available to them that they seek advice and support from them. If you wish to participate. Please contact us and we will give you more information about the event.

July 2, 2013 Posted by TheSSLC in Blog

Cook, Eat and Share event on Friday 28th of June 2013

The workshop went very well, we had opportunity to get on the a professional chef and professional dietician. They have demonstrated how Somali traditional cuisine could be enriched and fitted in well with healthy eating programme. The event was well attended over 60 people in different age range were a benefited from it. This was the 2nd out 4 other workshops. Our professional chef Meriam Mwasambili demostrated in live cooking health Somali dish. The event was full of excitement and the same learning healthy eating.

If you wish to participate our next event. Please contact us and we will let you know when will be the event.